Citation: Y.A. Chen, Y.C. Wen, and W.C. Chang. "AtPAN: an integrated system for reconstructing transcriptional regulatory networks in Arabidopsis thaliana", BMC Genomics 13:85 (SCI, impact factor: 4.21)

AtPAN( A rabidopsis t haliana P romoter A nalysis N et) is a database for transcription regutory networks (TRN) construction in Arabidopsis . AtPAN can detect TFBSs and their corresponding transcription factors (TFs) in a promoter or a set of promoters in Arabidopsis. Additionally, the co-expressed TFs and their target gene from microarray expression data could be retrieved from AtPAN. Furthermore, proteins which interact with the co-expressed TFs can then be found, and co-expressed TRN are reconstructed. On the other hand, the relationships between TFs and their target genes obtained from experiments that reported in literatures are also considered in TRN reconstruction in AtPAN.

AtPAN is no longer maintained, please use PlantPAN 3.0 instead.
Department of Life Science and Technology,
Insititute of Tropical Plant Sciences Nation Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
Contact with: Wen-Chi Chang